An exclusive joint-venture partnership invitation… for serious, business-minded individuals only…

“If You Qualify – You’ll Have The Opportunity To Earn 50% Sales Commissions, Enjoy A Reliable Recurring Income Stream, Compete For Large Cash Bonuses, And Receive Monthly Marketing Coaching From Me…

…And Earn First-Class Trips Around The World.”

From The Desk Of: Kristopher Marek
Founder and Publisher, Persuasion Profit Secrets

Dear Friend,

If you already know me personally, know my plans and mission for this business, and want to get started right away – feel free to skip over all the details in this letter, and just enter your information in the box below. I’m excited to start working together!

If you don’t know much about me or my new product, Persuasion Profit Secrets – keep reading below the box for all the details about this exclusive opportunity…

Welcome! You can access the affiliate resources by clicking HERE.

If the headline above sounds like it contains a lot of incredible benefits, you’re absolutely right – it does.

What’s even better is that those are just a few of the many benefits you’re eligible to receive if we decide to work together on this new and exciting project.

Unlike most affiliate sign-up pages, you’ll notice that the length of this invitation is almost as long as the sales letter for my product… and for good reason.

And that reason is – I’m looking for good, reputable joint venture partners to work with me on this project. Quite frankly, the quantity of the people I work with is nowhere near as important to me as quality of people I work with.

In other words, I’ll take 10 lions over 100 lambs on my team any day. With that said, not everyone will qualify to work with me on this.

Some people just won’t be a good “fit” or are simply not cut-out for helping with the mission I’m working to achieve. Others are just lazy, unaccountable… or both. And that’s completely OK, as I said – this opportunity isn’t for everybody.

But I do know that there will be a small group of people that this opportunity will be right for, and I know with every fiber of my being that they’re gonna love it.

So before I go into all the benefits you’ll receive by signing up and partnering with me to promote my new monthly newsletter publication Persuasion Profit Secrets, there are a few things you should know up-front…

You see, when I grew up in the coal-region of northeast Pennsylvania – I quickly learned that either you “GO BIG, or go home” in everything you did… academics, athletics, work, etc.

There was no room for doing things half-assed or dicking around… at least, not if you wanted to go somewhere, and do something with your life. That lesson has stuck with me throughout the years… and it has always served me well.

Another important lesson I discovered as a US Army officer that has also stuck with me to this day is, “Take care of your people.”

Provide them with the tools, resources, and training they need to get the job done… have systems and structures in place to set them up for success… and, most importantly – actually care about them.

Unfortunately, after I left the military, I observed over several years how a majority of businesses and organizations were run – and it was clear that there were a lot of people doing things half-assed, and simply not taking care of their people.

As a result, it’s no surprise that so many businesses fail these days.

So I decided that when I launch my business, things were gonna be different… better… unlike anything people have ever seen before.

What’s Been Going Wrong With Info-Marketing…
Why I’m Doing Things Differently…
And How It Can Greatly Benefit You.

If you’ve ever promoted information products of any sort online, then you’re bound to have discovered that there are some shady bastards out there.

And chances are, you’ve probably came across other individuals who were rather incompetent… or simply didn’t know how to run a business.

So if you made the mistake to work with those individuals – not only would you lose money… you would also lose credibility with your buyers and other subscribers on your email lists.

Regretfully, sometimes you can only learn such business lessons through trial and error.

When speaking with affiliates over recent years, I’ve discovered that they’ve become sick and tired of:

    Promoting shitty products that are full of hype, and don’t do what they claim to do… or don’t provide any real, useable value to the customer
    Receiving low sales commissions because products are priced too low, the owner is cheap and doesn’t offer worthwhile sales commissions, or the product doesn’t include any upsells or recurring income
    Losing sales commissions because buyers keep refunding 20%… 30%… up to 50% or more of affiliates’ sales
    Being outmaneuvered and outsold by the “big boys” – you know, the marketers and businesses with large email lists
    Receiving no support from business owners whose products the affiliates are promoting

So if you’ve ever promoted products as an affiliate, and you’re also sick and tired of any of those situations mentioned above, then I have some good news to share with you…

You see, I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the top businesses in the direct marketing industry… and collaborate on projects with some of the most intelligent and successful business owners over the past several years.

So when I decided in the spring of 2012 to take on fewer private clients and create a product where I’d reveal everything I’ve learned about persuasion, marketing, emotional direct response copywriting, sales conversion techniques, and advanced business growth strategies…

… I wanted to do things very differently than I see currently being done online to promote information products.

And that’s why I’m “GOING BIG” with my affiliates when it comes to all the benefits they’ll receive by choosing to work with me.

Quite frankly, I’m looking for professional and reputable individuals who already know how to successfully market as an affiliate.

But even if you’re not all that experienced, or have had much success in the past – so long as you’re reputable, professional, and willing to learn – then I’m willing to work with you to help you achieve your personal income and business goals.

So why might you want to be a joint venture partner and promote Persuasion Profit Secrets?

Truthfully, I don’t know what motivates or inspires you the most.

But here are the Top 10 reasons I could think of…

Top 10 Reasons To Promote
Persuasion Profit Secrets

Look, you and I are both in business – so obviously, most of the reasons why you may consider partnering with me will be financially-related.

And that’s OK.

But I think you’ll really like a lot of the other reasons I offer as well. However, let’s start with money…

REASON #1: You’ll receive 50% sales commissions on every sale.

As a Persuasion Profit Secrets affiliate, you’ll earn a 50% commission on every sale you refer.

As you could imagine, the cash could start multiplying quickly.

If you have a large email list with subscribers who are interested in this kind of specialized information, you could do very well.

This could be a very lucrative additional income stream for you that will supplement your existing income streams.

More importantly, you’ll also be able to enjoy monthly recurring income income stream – which I’ll cover next…

REASON #2: You’re able to receive recurring monthly income from every sale.

As an affiliate, you’ll earn 50% of Persuasion Profit Secrets subscribers’ renewal fees each month.

This comes to $12.91 for each subscriber who renews their monthly subscription.

So in addition to receiving $12.91 in commissions you’ll get for each initial sale – you’ll also be able to enjoy an extra $12.91 in recurring revenue each year when people who subscribe to Persuasion Profit Secrets automatically renew their subscription without doing any extra “work.”

This is free money to you!

Let’s look at a hypothetical situation with some conservative income estimates…

Say you promoted Persuasion Profit Secrets to your list this month and made 50 sales. That would amount to $645.50 in net revenue to you.

Now for this situation, assume that each of those buyers renewed their monthly subscription for a year – you’d receive another $645.50 each month for doing absolutely nothing! No extra work – the money simply gets deposited in your account.

Imagine if you promoted Persuasion Profit Secrets once each month, and got 50 new sales each month (that would come to 600 sales in a year)… you could generate a $7,746 monthly stream of recurring income into your bank account each and every month. But say you only made half as many affiliate sales each month, that would still amount to an extra $3,873 for you in recurring income each month.

Look, I don’t claim to know you or your current financial situation, but I’d bet that kind of hands-free extra income that you don’t have to work for could make a significant difference in your life…

REASON #3: You’ll enjoy a high sales conversion rate.

I’m not gonna bullshit you and tell you that you’ll get a $1… $3… $5… (or more) in Earnings Per Click (EPC) when you promote Persuasion Profit Secrets.

Truth be told, there are numerous factors that will determine the sales conversion rate of this offer to your list… or from the online traffic you send to it via social media, banner ads, or PPC ads.

Just because “John Doe” promotes it to his list and gets a $5 EPC doesn’t mean that you will.

John Doe may have a pure buyers list, he may have sent it at a more opportune time, he may have a better relationship with his subscribers, or this offer may have a better “message to market match” for this product to his list.

However, you can take comfort knowing that I created all of the sales copy for this product from the sales letter to all the affiliate resources. And almost every sales letter I have ever written has generated 6 or 7 figures in sales.

You’ll notice that this product… the sales copy… the delivery format… the offer… the positioning… heck, even this affiliate invitation page is different than everything else being promoted right now.

And that differentiation is the key to the success for sales conversions for this product.

REASON #4: You’ll generate more net profits because of lower refunds.

Next to low sales conversion rates, nothing eliminates your profits faster than a high refund rate.

I’ve heard of cases where affiliates are lured into promoting hyped-up products… only to have 30%… 50%… even 75% refunds.

That’s a surefire way to get frustrated and depressed.

The good news is that I strive to keep my refund rates for Persuasion Profit Secrets well below 10% because of the sheer amount of high-quality actionable content I provide in each month’s newsletter, the weekly updates, and the special research reports.

That means you get to keep much more money in your pocket.

REASON #5: You’ll qualify for cash bonuses and other prizes.

Each month, I will hold an affiliate promotion contest to see who can generate the most sales. Each contest will last 1-2 weeks in order to accommodate affiliates’ marketing calendar planning.

You’ll know a few weeks in advance when I am having each monthly contest, and you’ll know the prizes as well. This will allow you to plan accordingly… and give you the best chances of winning bonuses and prizes.

And while the cash bonuses and other cool prizes will change each month – I will say this… I am very generous when it comes to rewarding my affiliates.

REASON #6: You’ll be promoting a product with wide market appeal.

You and I both know that no business survives (or thrives) without great marketing and sales systems set up.

Persuasion Profit Secrets is a product with mass appeal to (and specifically designed for) business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, self-employed professionals, and sales people.

Although it is difficult to find an official count (because the number is always changing), today there are approximately 39 million business owners and self-employed professionals in the US alone.

In short, anybody that has to market and sell their products or services… or sells and markets products for others could greatly benefit from the strategies, tactics, and tips contained in Persuasion Profit Secrets.

REASON #7: You (and your readers) will love the “from-the-trenches” insight and actionable content in each component of Persuasion Profit Secrets.

One of the biggest complaints affiliates have when they promote other people’s information products is that the products turn out to be shitty and don’t provide real, actionable content for the customer… and ultimately end up being refunded.

Many times though, the affiliate marketer didn’t do their due diligence… took the word of the product creator that the product was good… and promoted it to their list – sight unseen.

This is why I will actually buy a product myself… go through it… see how the customer support is set up… and then, if I am impressed – I’ll promote a particular product.

What is most important to me is the quality of the product itself.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is why I strongly encourage all of my affiliates to actually subscribe to Persuasion Profit Secrets themselves… go through the special reports, and read the weekly updates and monthly newsletters.

There’s such a difference between someone who just promotes a product sight unseen because they think it will make them some money… versus… someone who actually owns the product. That’s powerful.

It essentially allows the affiliate to say:

“Hey… I invested in this product myself… and I believe in it so much that I think everyone on my list should invest in it too.”

And if subscribers on your list know you, like you, and trust you – you could make a lot of money taking this approach.

Check out the content of what Persuasion Profit Secrets subscribers get when they join:

    1. Persuasion Profit Secrets – Monthly issues, delivered to their email inbox on the first Thursday of every month. Each month, they’ll receive my full report on what strategies I’m using for my clients’ businesses and my own business that they can copy and use for themselves. These monthly reports will most likely cover secrets and strategies they’ve never tried, or perhaps even heard of before.
    2. Online Access To Archived Issues – As a subscriber, they’ll get a password to a secure webpage that includes all past issues and all my special reports. This way, they’ll have access to these secrets from any computer with an internet connection, or even right from their mobile phone.
    3. Special Report #1: PROFILING FOR PROFITS – Here, I’ll show them how to transform their customers’ buying behaviors and buying cycles into maximum profits. This secret is one of the easiest ways to quickly boost their bottom line – yet it is completely overlooked by most business owners, entrepreneurs, self-employed professionals and marketers.
    4. Special Report #2: THE ‘SKELETON KEY’ TO BUYERS’ HEARTS AND MINDS – In this report, I reveal to subscribers how to unlock the hearts and minds of entire markets full of people by pushing buyers’ emotional ‘hot buttons’ so subscribers could multiply their lifetime value to their businesses – putting even more money in their pockets year after year.
    5. Special Report #3: ‘NO’ IS NOT AN OPTION – Here, I reveal the seven core objections that prevent people from buying from subscribers… how to quickly and easily overcome them… and how to have buyers literally begging them to take their money – even if the subscribers’ prices are higher than everyone else’s in their industry.
    6. Bonus Report: PROPAGANDA PAYS – In this report, I reveal my most controversial and advanced secrets of persuading the masses. It is NOT meant to be used by rank amateurs. When subscribers start using these 20 proven propaganda tactics – they could quickly become the “pre-eminent choice” for their customers to do business with… all while completely neutralizing their competitors.
    7. Plus, every week – they’ll receive Persuasion Primers, a subscribers’ only email with details on what business-building strategies I’m currently using… where I see the biggest opportunities to extract massive profits in various niche markets… and what successful money-making tactics I’m personally investigating for future projects.

Believe me when I say this, I’m in this game for the long run… and you can feel proud to promote this product, and any other product I create in the future.

REASON #8: You’ll have access to our resource-ready Affiliate Center.

As soon as you sign up to become a Persuasion Profit Secrets affiliate, you’ll immediately gain access to our robust (and continually updated) Affiliate Center.

There’s nothing worse than wanting to promote a product, and not having all of the resources you need.

In the Affiliate Center, you’ll have access to:

    Affiliate Emails – All you have to do is copy/paste them into your auto-responder email system and include your Clickbank Affiliate Link

    Social Media Swipes – If you don’t have an email auto-responder system or email list – no problem! Simply copy/paste these along with your Clickbank Affiliate Link into your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts and drive targeted traffic right to the sales page

    Banner Ads – If you prefer driving traffic with banner ads, you’ll find several to choose from in the Affiliate Center.

    Guest Blog Articles – Each month, I’ll add 1-2 new educating, entertaining, and engaging blog articles you can copy/paste onto your own personal blog… just add in your Clickbank Affiliate Link and you’re set.

Again, you’ll find comfort knowing that all of the sales copy in the Affiliate Center was created by me… and not some cheap $15/hour copywriter from eLance or some other “copywriting farm.”

Before starting this business and launching this product, I worked as a highly successful copywriter and marketing consultant.

Today, I command fees up to $20K up-front, plus royalties and performance bonuses for any multi-step, multi-media marketing projects I consider with select private clients.

However, I’ll be spending most of my time focusing on creating incredible content for my Persuasion Profit Secrets subscribers, and improving the sales copy and resources for my affiliates.

REASON #9: You’ll receive monthly coaching from me to help you increase your sales.

When you become a Persuasion Profit Secrets affiliate, you’ll receive updates from me several times each month with strategies, tactics, and tips that will help you make more money promoting this product… and quite possibly with any other businesses you’re involved with.

Why do I offer this?

It’s simple. You see, as I mentioned earlier – I am a strong advocate of “taking care of my people.”

And that includes providing them with the tools, resources, and training they need to get the job done… having systems and structures in place to set them up for success… and, most importantly – actually caring about them.

Not to get all “woo-woo” or “touchy-feely,” but the fact of the matter is – I am in this business to truly help people. And I’m in it for the long-run…

If it were only about the money, I could easily clear six-figures in income each year by booking my calendar with 4-5 copywriting projects for high-paying private clients… and spend the rest of my time just screwing off.

But truth be told, knowing me – that would probably get boring rather quickly.

I am a strong believer that a rising tide raises all ships… and the more people I can help increase their income, decrease their hours working, and live life on their terms – the better.

REASON #10: You’ll be able to qualify for First-Class trips around the world!

This is a really exciting benefit for serious affiliates.

During several of my monthly affiliate contests – the grand prize will be an all-expense paid trip for you and one other person to join me and some friends and business partners for exclusive weekend getaway trips.

Maybe we’ll hit up Miami… Maui… Las Vegas… New York City… maybe we’ll go international (I’ve always wanted to visit Australia) – who knows!

After all, there’s no sense working hard if you’re not gonna enjoy some of the finer things in life…

You’ll receive more details about how to qualify for these exclusive getaway trips after you sign up as a Persuasion Profit Secrets affiliate.

I’m already getting excited for this next trip, so get started today to get all the details!

All You Need To Do
To Get Started Today!

*You can literally get started in less than 10 minutes. Just follow these simple steps below!

STEP #1: Create Your FREE Clickbank Affiliate Account

To get paid as a Persuasion Profit Secrets affiliate, you’ll need your very own unique Clickbank Affiliate name called a “Clickbank Affiliate ID.”

If you already have your Clickbank ID, you can skip right to Step #2.

If you don’t have a Clickbank ID, you’ll need to sign up as a Clickbank Affiliate. You can use anything you like for your Clickbank ID – just be sure to use something you’re going to remember.

To sign up for your Clickbank ID, simply click here, then come back to this page when you’re finished.

Here’s how your Clickbank ID works…

When you promote Persuasion Profit Secrets, you’ll use your Clickbank ID in your affiliate link to the product’s sales page. Anytime somebody clicks on one of your affiliate links, they’ll get “cookied” to you.

In other words, when a prospect buys – you’ll get FULL commission and credit for the sale.

The reason why I love using Clickbank is because of their safe processing, and they make it easy for you to get paid on-time. You don’t have to worry about calculating, accounting, worrying about sales tax, or anything of the sort…

You simply promote this product and cash the checks you receive. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

STEP #2: Create Your Clickbank Affiliate Link

Set up your Clickbank Affiliate Link by replacing “AFFILID” with your own personal Clickbank ID.

“marek10101” is our Clickbank merchant name. Just replace “AFFILID” with your Clickbank ID. Make sure to keep the rest of the link EXACTLY as you see it.

For example, if your Clickbank ID was “johndoe” – your link would look like this:

Like I said, this whole set-up is fast, and easy.

STEP #3: Sign Up Below For My FREE Affiliate Newsletter List Where You’ll Receive Affiliate Resource Updates, Contest And Prize Information, Specialized Coaching Emails, Details About Free Trips, And Much… Much More!

STEP #4: Find The Earliest Opening On Your Marketing Promotion Calendar For An Email Or Social Media Campaign, And Go To The Affiliate Center For All Your Emails, Social Media Swipes, And Blog Article Content.

Once you’ve got your Clickbank Affiliate Link, it’s time to check your promotion calendar and look for the next available openings when you can email your list, or send out a status update on your social networks.

Then, simply go to the Affiliate Center and pick the emails, social media swipes, or guest blog posts you want to use on your personal blog… put in your Clickbank Affiliate Link where designated… and hit send.

I encourage you to start promoting as early as you can for two reasons:

    1. Other affiliates will be promoting this product. – As you could imagine, I’m aggressively marketing this product to affiliates for them to promote… including marketers with large, active email lists. And because many prospective buyers for this product are on many different lists – it will be a matter of whose email they see this promotion from first. Don’t worry – there is a lot of money to be made – it’s just that I want you to be able to get as much as you can for yourself. So time is of the essence…

    2. I want you to win cash bonuses, other prizes, and to be able to qualify for exclusive trips! – Look, every month I’ll be having contests where you can win a lot of extra cash and other cool prizes. Also, the faster you get started, the faster you can qualify for our next exclusive getaway trip.

STEP #5: Sit Back, Relax, And Start Watching The Sales Commissions Rush Into Your Account!

This opportunity is about the closest thing you can get to “free money” online. I’ve done all the “heavy lifting” for you.

All you have to do is get your Clickbank Affiliate ID (if you don’t have one), set up your Clickbank Affiliate Link, and start promoting. And then, just watch all of your sales commissions start rolling into your account.

I look forward to making a lot of money together with you on this project… for years to come…


Kristopher Marek

Kristopher Marek
Founder and Publisher, Persuasion Profit Secrets

P.S. – If you’re an experienced affiliate marketer with a large and responsive email list, please contact me at and I’ll contact you to discuss the best marketing strategy for your situation, and provide you with advanced resources to make the most money from your campaigns.

And if you haven’t already, sign up below for my free Affiliate newsletter. I promise it will be worth your while…